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Tulsa Tutor Picture I am currently working freelance as a French-English Translator and Interpreter. I have a background in the Paris Fashion Industry. And was previously certified at the Lorenzo de Medici Linguistics School in Italian--Florence Italy. My interpreting and translation specialties include: business, fashion, legal, contracts, wine, import export, marketing, adverising, project and operations management. As a result I include a great deal of Culture, Slang, and were to go what to do in my French lessons, especially for those planning a trip to Paris! In my day-to-day work I speak Spanish in Business with customers as well as fellow workers. This is becoming more and more common for everyone in America. Learning Spanish to communicate with employees, tenants, and customers increases your company's bottomline. Making more money by being able to communicate with the Hispanic community in your city can increase your income by thousands of dollars for life of your career or business! tutor

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I am a world traveler. I graduated from college in Paris and speak 7 languages! But, French is my favorite! I teach my students proper pronunciation as well as commonly spoken French you would use everyday in Paris. I have a Bachelor's of Arts, and have lived and worked in Tulsa for the last 12 years. I have trained and tutored students to quickly learn Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. I've also tutored in Algebra, History, Economics, Science, and Calculus. While at the University of Tulsa I was a Mathematics Minor. Some of my favorite college subjects were Economics, Parisian Architectural History, French Cultural History, Near Eastern Archeology, Roman and Greek History. BA Int'l Business Mngt Mn Mathematics Fashion Design Degree Certificate in Language Studies: French; Italian

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Tulsa French Foreign Language Economics Tutor: ted m
ted m: French Foreign Language Tutor
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