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learn stand mandarin online with NATIVE teacher by using games,EASY and FUN! TEL:86-13930198434

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Shijiazhuang Chinuese Tutor Chinese
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Shijiazhuang,China Tutor Picture Hello everybody!I'm Sunny from China.It's very nice to meet you here. China is an old country with long history and culture and rich language. Today, China's economy is developing quickly. As a Chinese, I'd like to do my best to teach Chinese to you and you're welcome to China to travel, build your career or run your business.

I Major in Teaching Chinese As Foreign Language. I'm a qualified Chinese teacher with 3 years of experience of teaching Chinese to foreigners. My students come from all over the world. Their ages and complexions are different, but so far they all enjoy my Chinese class and have made great progress.

I'd like to begin from simple pronunciation and verbal communication,and then reading and writing. I'll try to make my Chinese lessons fun and help the students like Chinese. If you're interested in Chinese, contact me please! My skpye is sunnydang72. I'd love to do my best to help you.

Let's learn Chinese,It's easy and fun! tutor

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Bachelor:Teache Chinese as Foreign Language Bachelor:English

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