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Actively employed H.S. science teacher will help u increase test scores. Plainfield/Naperville area

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PlainfieldNaperville Tutor Biology Science General Science
Fee: $40/hour

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PlainfieldNaperville Tutor Picture As a post graduate, I was employed at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine. As Sr. Biological Scientist, I instructed medical students and Ph.D. candidates in laboratory procedures, surgery and data analysis. I enjoyed teaching and chose to return to school and earn my Masters in Education. Since then, I have had the pleasure of teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Earth Science at the high school level. I also instruct at the College of DuPage in the Talent Search program for exceptional students. Courses at COD include Genetics, Forensic Science, Chemistry, and various other courses. I have also instructed ACT prep courses. Soon, I would like to pursue my Ph.D. I love science and learning. Not only do I inspire my high school students, but I help those I tutor realize their true potential. My strategy is to help students understand their shortfalls and how to overcome them. Through science, my students learn how to become active learners! tutor

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Undergraduate Eastern Illinois University, B.S - 1994 Graduate Degree University of St. Francis-M.Ed. - 2003 Kappa Delta Pi Education Honors Society Member.

Email: sciencehelp4u(at)yahoo.com (at) is the symbol above the 2 on your computer keyboard. Unfortunatly it is not recognized here. The link to email does not always work. Please use this email in that event. Sincerely, Mrs. Fariss

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