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Boston area Tutor Picture Born and raised in Toronto region; married, lived in Iran for a year; travelled to India, Nepal. PhD from Cambridge University. Worked as intelligence analyst at NATO headquarters, Brussels fro 4 years; also worked in Ottawa in Intelligence. Moved to the US in 1981; adjunct teacher at several local universities; elected Fellow of Russian Research Center, Harvard University (1982-1988); founded a newspaper [Soviet Observer] analyzing declining Soviet Union; extensive travel to Russia; established a book publishing business (over 100 titles on Russian themes published to date). I have written numerous articles on Russia, and world affairs. Philosophy of Education: It's simple: learn to read and read a lot of good material. This is supplemented by travel and language study. The downside of this extensive knowledge is that you will begin to know more than others and frustration can set in. So, another learning process is key: patience and forebearance. Possibly wisdom will follow. tutor

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BA and MA [History; European] from the University of Toronto [Canada]; 1976: PhD in Economic History/18th C studies from Cambridge University, England [Queens' College]; 1987: MA from Fletcher School of Diplmacy, Tufts University

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Boston Area History and Mathematics Tutor: Abraham F
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