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Fort Lauderdale  Tutor Picture My name is Michael, Currently, as a mathematics teacher in Broward County, I am dedicated to the success of my students’ achievement and believe teaching is my opportunity to inspire and empower students. As a former Mathematics Department Chair at Margate Middle, I helped increase student-learning gains in mathematics from 51% to 72% during the 2005-2006 school year. Also, as a teacher 88% of my students showed learning gains and 72% meet high standards of at least level 3 or higher on the mathematics portion of the FCAT. Increasing student achievement is my passion and I continue to be inspired by my students daily. I know the importance of teacher quality firsthand and have worked tirelessly to become an effective teacher for my students.

Please feel free to contact, I look forward to helping you in the near future. tutor

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FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tallahassee, FL Bachelor’s of Science Degree, Spring 2002 Major: Human Science Minor: Mathematics/Science Education

FLORIDA PROFESSIONAL TEACHING CERTIFICATIONS •Certified in Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9 •Certified in ESOL Category 2 (The School Board of Broward County, Florida)

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Fort Lauderdale Mathematics Statistics Tutor: Michael Myrick
Michael Myrick: Mathematics Tutor
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