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Orlando, FL Tutor Picture I taught at the elementary level for 5 years before taking a position with Johns Hopkins University as a consultant for a whole school reform program called Success For All in 1997. I am a consultant/trainer and work extensively with teachers and administrators to increase student achievement schoolwide. We closely examine data and visit and observe teachers in classrooms, in order to identify specific needs and strategies. I work to provide all students (at risk and struggling in particular) with the instruction they need to help get them up to grade level (and beyond) in the area of reading. Beyond all of this, as an avid reader myself, I believe in fostering the love of reading in children so that they too become life-long learners and readers! tutor

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I have earned a masters degree in elementary education from Rollins College and a bachelors degree in speech pathology and audiology from the University of FL. I stay abreast of current research, development, and teaching practices to provide the absolute most up to date and effective services possible for my students.

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