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San Fracisco Tutor Picture I am a native speaker of Turkish. I implement the theories of language teaching in my instruction. I am especially experienced in teaching Turkish to people whose first language is English.

Briefly, my philosophy of teaching language is giving my clients enough opportunities to practice the language during each session. Firstly, I explain the language structure, then move on to the mechanical examples. Afterwards, I nudge my tutee to use that newly learned structure in a less controlled and more natural way.

I also put emphasis in practicing the most frequently used 1000 Turkish words. This accelarates my tutees understanding the naturally occuring language.

Lastly, I always include authentic language texts in my classes, such as newspaper articles. This is very useful for my tutees to understand the language and the issues of Turkish society in real contexts.

I also tutor Turkish online - - to keep my tutees going.


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I am a PhD student in Applied Linguistics at Northern Arizona University and specializing in developing language teaching materials based on language occuring in real life.

I have been teaching Turkish to the speakers of English for the last five years.

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San Fracisco English/Language Arts Tutor: Erkan K
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