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United States Tutor Picture John has had a passion for working with kids since 1985, when he first began teaching part-time in a New York parochial school. He was known for staying after school to talk with students who needed someone to listen. He left that school and pursued a career in sales, but with each passing year, he grew more and more dissatisfied with the work.

 Eventually, he went back to teaching, this time in a public school system in Florida, since 2003. His classroom and eventually administrative experience here was always in the special education area, being certified in that field by the state. After some time as an administrator, he realized that that was not why he went into the field of education, and leaving that part of his career behind, he returned to working directly with students. He consistently gets results helping students and learners of ALL ages turn around negative beliefs and less than desirable academic performance.

He is a practioner of the late Dr. Don Blackerby's "Re tutor

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