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Brandon, FL Tutor
Brandon, FL
Brandon, FL Tutor Picture I created this company because when I was in high school, the last person I wanted help from was my parents, even though they are highly educated and were more than willing to help. I wanted to do things on my own, and sometimes my stubbornness kept me from asking for help. Once I got into college, I came into my own. I utilized my stubbornness and kept myself organized and motivated and as a result graduated with honors and multiple degrees.

In my undergraduate years in college, working as an academic tutor at my school. I tutored a number of subjects, mostly concentrating on Business Calculus, Business and Economic Statistics and Economics and then helped with time management and test prep as well. I was contacted by the director of my student services program at my school because of my grades and was offered the part-time job. It was an incredible atmosphere that offered services free to students as well as seminars to help students be successful. 


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University of South Florida, Tampa, FL B.A. Communication, Cum Laude December 2005 University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Business Management, Cum Laude August 2006

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Brandon, FL Tutor
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Brandon, FL Tutor
Brandon, FL Tutor: Academia A
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