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Tampa Tutor Picture I have designed a course to transition a student from Geometry to Algebra II. Practically, students forget the basics of Algebra, not only through the summer, but through a year of Geometry. The first day a student walks into the Algebra II class they are expected to remember how to solve a system of equations, factor quadratic trinomials, and solve problems with exponents and radicals. How can you expect a student to remember these things if the last time they were in an Algebra class was over a year ago? That is why I have designed this course, to refresh the student on already learned concepts and to give them an overview of the first semester of Algebra II. I invite you to find out more about the class and take a look at the sample. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me! Please visit my website at: Transition Tutoring tutor

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I started teaching math in the fall of 2004 after finishing my M.B.A in 2003. I have taught many levels of math and am well aware of what a student needs in order to be successful in mathematics. Last year I was chosen as the Promising Teacher of the Year in Mathematics for Armwood High School and hand picked to be the AVID math teacher.

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Tampa Mathematics Tutor: Chad D
Chad D: Mathematics Tutor
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