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Naperville Tutor Picture My main motivation is to shape the minds of young students to embrace Science, to inculcate in them a habit of asking questions and to guide them to find answers on their own. My idea of education is to make it a joyful experience for both the student and the teacher. I believe in simplifying science education by giving relevant examples from everyday life. I also believe that to make the students interested in science we need more practical experiments to make them understand the underlying theory. As a science teacher, with the guiding principle as stated above, I used to conduct experiments in class and this helped students pay complete attention in class. I also organized a Science Exhibition. I am an ever-optimist and an organized person in life. I am an encouraging person by nature. Many of my students are in touch with me even after I left their school. tutor

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I am an MS in Biotechnology from University of Burdwan, India. I completed this course in the year 2005. I was ranked 3rd in a class of 25 with 75.8% marks (the class highest was 76.5%). During my undergraduate from the University of Calcutta, India (which I completed in the year 2003), I had Botany as my major besides Chemistry and Zoology as minor subjects. I had Physics and Mathematics (besides Chemistry and Biology) up to my 12th grade. Currently I am undergoing a part-time course in Clinical Research Data Management. I have a certificate for completing project training from the renowned Indian Institute of Chemical Biology at Calcutta. I also have a certificate for completing a 6-month training on Biological Wet Lab Techniques. I have Work Certification from my school where I was the science teacher up to the 10th Grade for one year after my Masters.

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Naperville Biology Science Mathematics Tutor: Poulami D
Poulami D: Biology Science Tutor
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