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Learning to Learn: Make learning a natural, permanently available resource for dealing with life’s problems & complexities.

Effective Observation: Become an observer of the direction of your life & the way the world is moving & changing, learning to anticipate the future through an understanding of social history & current trends.

Assessment: Gain competence in making grounded assessments of yourselves & others. Learn to assess your own competence & the competence of those you rely on personally & professionally Distinguish: Grounded assessments from feelings, emotions & moods. Overcome negative self-assessments that hinder learning. Manage Moods in Life: Learn to identify & manage pervasive moods, such as resignation, worry, panic, despair, hope,etc. that impede learning, speculating & taking action.

Enhance Basic Skills: Enhance your skills in reading & writing. Make your reading & writing productive in your work & build effective study practices. tutor

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M.A. COUNSELING Governors State University


TEACHING CERTIFICATION – Type 09 Chicago State University

B.S. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE University of Illinois

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Gender: Male

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