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Valrico/Brandon Tutor Picture As a child I did not get the help that I needed in reading to make reading valuable or fun to me. I fought reading and found it to be very boring. As I went through High School and College I learned a new love for reading. I see how important reading is. If you can read you can accomplish anything. In past tutoring experiences where I focused on reading, I taught phonics and whole language AND how to grow a love of reading through student interest! If a child loves dinosaurs let him read about them. I make a special effort to teach the content and develop a love for learning! I love teaching, but honestly do not enjoy our system. Testing takes the joy out of learning.....when the focus is the testing. I assess my students and usually they don't even realize it. My philosophy on education is simply to teach with a child centered approach. I teach "the child", not the subject. tutor

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I graduted from UCF with a degree in Elementary Education. Immediately attended USF and earned my Masters degree in Reading and ESOL. I taught for 6 years in public shools here in Hillsborough County. During that time I was positioned in Continuous Progress where I taught first, second, and third grade altogether. I also had gifted, SLD and special needs students in that position. Later I taught first grade and again worked with gifted students as well as students with specific needs(SLD). During my six years of teaching I attended a lot of trainings. I quickly became fascinated in teaching writing. After attending trainings I was invited by Downtown to start teaching the trainings. I really enjoyed teaching teachers. I have also presented my ideas at various workshops at professional development venues.

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Valrico/Brandon Elementary Tutor: Krista M
Krista M: Elementary Tutor for Reading, Writing, Math, etc.
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