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Tulsa Tutor Picture I have been teaching with Tulsa Public Schools for 8 years. I love teaching Reading, Writing, etc. I have a lot of training in reading comprehension, word attack, phonics, writing. I am also interested in doing workshops. If you have a group of friends who also would like to give their children the advantage of an expert Reading/Writing teacher we could address your childrens' needs in a fun small group environment. AVON make up, perfume, fragrance, health, beauty, gifts and more tutor

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I have a BS in Elementary Education. I have Language Arts endorsements. I am certified Special Education. I have taken and passed the Reading Specialist Certification, but in Oklahoma it can only be added to my certification if I have a master's in Reading. I do have the test results if you need to see them. I have several hours in Criminal Justice also at the undergraduate level. I am currently enrolled in the Master degree program for Criminal Justice.

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